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185 오지훈 201601 One-Dimensional RuO2Mn2O3 Hollow Architectures as Efficient Bifunctional Catalysts for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries Nano Letters
186 정광덕 201601 Polarization characteristics of a low catalyst loading PEM water electrolyzer operating at elevated temperature J. Power Sources
187 유영성 201601 Spatial Distribution of Oxygen Chemical Potential under Potential Gradients and Theoretical Maximum Power Density with 8YSZ Electrolyte Scientific Reports
188 장혜영 201601 Tunable and Diastereoselective Brnsted Acid Catalyzed Synthesis of -Enaminones Organic Letters
189 최정규 201602 Alloyed 2D Metal-Semiconductor Atomic Layer Junctions Nano Letters
190 여정구 201602 Energy minimization of MEA-based CO2 capture process Applied Energy
191 우한민 201602 Engineering of a modular and synthetic phosphoketolase pathway for photosynthetic production of acetone from CO2 in Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 under light and aerobic condition Plant Biotechnol. J.
192 심상준 201602 Microdroplet photobioreactor for the photoautotrophic culture of microalgal cells Analyst
193 심상준 201602 Microfluidic high-throughput selection of microalgal strains with superior photosynthetic productivity using competitive phototaxis Scientific Reports
194 심상준 201602 Multiplex microfluidic system integrating sequential operations of microalgal lipid production Analyst
195 장윤희 201602 A route to self-assemble suspended DNA nano-complexes Scientific Reports
196 김훈식 201602 Diamine-anchored polystyrene resins for reversible SO2 adsorption ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.
197 임탁형 201602 Analysis of the grain boundary conductivity of singly and doubly doped CeO2 thin films at elevated temperature Acta Materialia
198 김용환 201602 Communication-Highly Efficient Electroenzymatic NADH Regeneration by an Electron-Relay Flavoenzyme JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY
199 최민기 201603 An ethylenediamine-grafted Y zeolite: a highly regenerable carbon dioxide adsorbent via temperature swing adsorption without urea formation Energy and Environmental Science
200 문회리 201603 Boosting the Performance of Organic OptoelectronicDevices Using Multiple-Patterned PlasmonicNanostructures Advanced Materials
201 조성준 201603 Highly reversible CO2 capture using amino acid functionalized ionic liquids immobilized on mesoporous silica Chemical Engineering Journal
202 최민기 201603 Tuning Selectivity of Electrochemical Reactions by Atomically Dispersed Platinum Catalyst Nature Communications
203 최정규 201603 Anti-poisoning core-shell metal/ZIF-8 catalyst for selective alkene hydrogenation Catalysis Today
204 조철희 201603 GIS-NaP1 zeolite microspheres as potential water adsorption material: Influence of initial silica concentration on adsorptive and physical/topological properties Scientific Reports
205 정광덕 201603 Synthesis of Cubic In2O3 by a Liquid Plasma Method without Chemical Additives Crystal Growth & Design
206 이종석 201604 Direct incorporation of silver nanoparticles onto thin-film composite membranes via arc plasma deposition for enhanced antibacterial and permeation performance Journal of Membrane Science
207 김성현 201604 Porous carbon based on polyvinylidene fluoride: Enhancement of CO2 adsorption by physical activation Carbon
208 김재창 201604 Potassium-based dry sorbents for removal of sulfur dioxide at low temperatures Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
209 홍창섭 201604 Two- and three-dimensional ZnII coordination polymers constructed from mixed ligand systems: interpenetration structural transformation and sensing behavior CrystEngComm
210 심상준 201604 Tracking of STAT3 signaling for anticancer drug-discovery based on localized surface plasmon resonance Analyst
211 정광덕 201604 A novel method of methanol concentration control through feedback of the amplitudes of output voltage fluctuations for direct methanol fuel cells ENERGY
212 정광덕 201604 Optimum engineering of a PtSn alloysreduced graphene oxide nanohybrid for a highly efficient counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells Jornal of industrial and Engineering Chemistry
213 임탁형 201604 Performance evaluation of solid oxide carbon fuel cells operating on steam gasified carbon fuels Chemical Engineering Journal
214 임탁형 201604 Sintering-resistant Pt@CeO2 nanoparticles for high-temperature oxidation catalysis Nanoscale
215 오지훈 201604 Stand-alone photoconversion of carbon dioxide on copper oxide wire arrays powered by WO3/dye-sensitized solar cell dual absorbers Nano Energy
216 조성준 201605 Effect of anion type of imidazolium based polymer supported ionic liquids on the solvent free synthesis of cycloaddition of CO2 into epoxide Catalysis Today
217 최정규 201605 On the Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 ZIF-8 Membrane for Hydrogen Separation from Simulated Biomass-derived Syngas Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
218 김동표 201605 Submillisecond organic synthesis: Outpacing Fries rearrangement through microfluidic rapid mixing SCIENCE