제목 Removal of carbon dioxide from air
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Removal of carbon dioxide from air


US 10010829 B2 (2018.07.03)


15/046621 (2016.02.18)


Carbon Sink, Inc.


Allen B. Wright | Klaus S. Lackner | Burton Wright | Matt Wallen | Ursula Ginster | Eddy J. Peters

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The present invention is directed to methods for removing CO2 from air, which comprises exposing sorbent covered surfaces to the air. The invention also provides for an apparatus for exposing air to a CO2 sorbent. In another aspect, the invention provides a method and apparatus for separating carbon dioxide (CO2) bound in a sorbent.


1. An apparatus for the capture of CO2 from ambient air, the apparatus comprising: (1) a substrate having a surface thereon that is chemically configured to function like a strong base, wherein said substrate comprises a membrane, and wherein said surface is adapted to contact a flow of said ambient air such that CO2 present in said ambient air will chemically react with said surface thereby capturing CO2 and removing it from said ambient air, and (2) a collector that collects CO2 separated from said substrate subsequent to the capture of said CO2 by said substrate.

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